First thing that is definitely needed for the ultimate savings at Target is the good old Target Red CardThe Target Red Card gives you an addition 5% off ALL purchases. Don’t want yet another credit card? Sign up for the debit! It is directly linked to your checking account and still gives you that 5% off. Easy Peasy. Sign up now!


At target we have so many ways to save. We have cartwheel, we have target coupons, we have mobile coupons and we have manufacturer coupons. All of these can be stacked to receive the ultimate savings. Lets dig a little deeper as to what all of this is.


Target cartwheel is an app you download in your app store on your mobile device. It is completely free. There are two types of carthweel offers, one is a percentage off coupon and the other will show a dollar amount coupon. The dollar amount coupon is a manufacturer coupon and cannot be stacked with another manufacturer coupon. The percentage off coupons however CAN be stacked and they can be used on up to 4 items per transaction and up to 6 transactions per day unless otherwise noted on the Cartwheel. This is an awesome way to save a TON of money.

Target coupons are target store coupons, they can be found HERE. These target coupons will be printed, unlike a mobile coupon. Target coupons can also be found often in the sunday papers. Target mobile coupons can be found under the target app (not cartwheel app) then choose “deals” then “mobile coupons”. Once there you will choose which category of mobile coupons you want. Once chosen there will be a barcode at the top of the screen that you will give your cashier to scan. Each mobile coupon can only be used one time  then it will be marked “redeemed”. You can only use ONE target coupon per item whether it is mobile or printed.

When stacking coupons at target this is something you should know, Cartwheel will always take off AFTER target coupons but BEFORE manufacturer coupons. It does not matter in what order you give the cashier your coupons just know that the percentage discount will be after any target coupons.

Target accepts 4 identical coupons per household per day unless otherwise noted on the coupon.

Lets do a quick sample breakdown:

Scott toilet paper is on sale at $9.99 and they are buy 2 get a $5 gift card. We also have a manufaturer coupon, a target coupon and cartwheel.

Buy 4 Scott toilet paper 30 packs at $9.99 = $39.96

Use 1 $3/4 target coupon (5/15 SS) – $3

Use 10% Cartwheel (remember after target coupon) – $3.70

Use 4 $1/1 coupon (manufacturer coupon unless otherwise stated)  – $4

Pay $29.96

Get back 2 $5 gift cards

$19.36 or $4.82 each!

Yes, you can use a gift card from a previous purchase and still receive your new gift card.

If you are confused about the $3/4 that means $3 off 4 and same for all breakdowns regardless of the quantity or dollar amount. $1 off 1, $1 off 2 and so on! We’ve covered so much already, lets keep going, so much to learn! Hang in there, grab a cup of coffee as we talk about a few more stores. Lets talk about CVS, which just so happens to be my second favorite store. To head to the CVS 101 put your cursor over “coupon 101” and click “CVS”