Did Your Catalina Not Print Out? Find Out What To Do!


Did your Catalina coupon not print?

Many of you have had issues with you Catalina not printing out. If you are scoring one of our extremely awesome deals and your Catalina does NOT print out you can contact Catalina Marketing Group HERE.

Grab your receipt because you will need to provide some information on it. Once you are on the Catalina Personalized Printed Coupon Support page you will need to fill out a short form with your contact information and receipt information. Once you are finished with the form just click submit. You will receive an email if your transaction has qualified and from there will receive your Catalina in just 10 days.

PSSST… Not sure what a Catalina coupon is? They are those nifty coupons that print from a printer next to the register (usually Epson). Catalina puts together promotions to give additional savings when you buy a certain amount of a product or spend a certain amount. The best part is they qualify BEFORE coupons!

Can you use a Catalina coupon to receive another one back? That’s a common question we get. The answer is sometimes. Sometimes Catalina coupons roll and other times they don’t. The only way to know is to test it out first hand.

Do you have questions about Catalinas? Feel free to comment below!