Happy Halloween from the DHB family!

Are you all gearing up for Halloween?

It’s our favorite time of year around here and dressing up is our jam! What are your Halloween traditions? Since we moved to the big apple we participate in the NYC Halloween Parade where Milka continually steals the show (I mean hello! Look at her)! This year we chose the perfect outfit for her. As you can see she is a prisoner or “bad pet” and her charge is “too many treats”! Her and I can definitely relate on the too many treats aspect! Did you know that most people (73%) purposefully buy more Halloween candy than they needed for trick-or-treaters so they can eat the extra? I am guilty of that!

While indulging in all of these Holiday treats, the most important thing to me is keeping my teeth healthy. The last thing anyone wants is to indulge in yummy Halloween candy (Reeses is my favorite) and then get a cavity! EEK! Only 48% of adults enforce a stricter teeth brushing/flossing routine on Halloween for themselves. However, 70% parents enforce stricter teeth brushing/routines on Halloween for their children.

What do I do daily to keep my teeth happy and white? I brush my teeth with Crest 3D White Toothpaste in the AM and PM. After every brush I always use Crest Pro-Health mouthwash. Additionally, every 6 months I use the Crest 3D White Whitestrips which removes any staining (coffee drinker right here) and brightens my teeth! I have been doing this for years and my teeth are happy and healthy, even while indulging in Holiday treats!

Keep your teeth happy and healthy this Holiday season so you don’t end up with a charge of “too many treats” like Milka!

Head on over HERE to watch kids being pranked on not receiving candy for Halloween. Milka and I sure enjoyed the laugh!

From all of us here at Deal Hunting Babe we wish you a very Happy Halloween!!

This post is sponsored by Crest however all opinions are my own.